renaissance woman

 "PENWAH is a Jack Of All Trades Master Of Many"

"PENWAH is a Jack Of All Trades Master Of Many"


PENWAH [spelled correctly "Phynjuar"] is one of the most phenomenal artist of our time. Young in spirit, with a bubbly personality, she is a lively renaissance woman. A gifted actor, comedian, music producer, music historian, radio personality and busy acting coach, PENWAH is the consummate performer. Today she works with and influences many actors, including Ms. Tasha Smith, who says "Penwah is by far one of the funniest and talented women you will ever hope to meet!"  Paul Mooney says, "Would somebody please give this woman her own show". 

An incredibly generous  woman, PENWAH shares her gifts by grooming and coaching up-and-coming talent. She was the sole guiding force behind the successful career of her daughter Michelle Thomas, who was best known for her role as Myra Monkhouse on the long-running ABC Television hit show "FAMILY MATTERS." Tragically Michelle passed away on Christmas Eve 1998, due to complications following major surgery.

Seven earth years after Michelle's return to heaven, PENWAH found strength and bounced back. She's a personal acting coach and manager. Currently, Penwah is a producer for Eddie Harris' feature film 'Steps", and she's also accredited for casting a most brilliant cast for the film.  Penwah also plays the role of the church secretary Claire. The film is written and directed by Eddie Harris in its entirety in Jersey City, New Jersey.

PENWAH's film work includes the title roles in 'YES MADAME' directed by Magaly Colimon and 'HUSH' directed by Reg E. Gaines [Bring The Noise, Bring The Funk]. She also had a recurring role on FAMILY MATTERS as Mitzi Monkhouse, the mother of Myra Monkhouse. When PENWAH was cast in the role of Mitzi Monkhouse, the Casting Director had no idea  that she and Michelle knew each other! According to PENWAH, "This was a major coup!" 

PENWAH's credits include: 2X Audelco Award Winner, Child Prodigy Classically Trained With A Rich History In The Performance Arts, Grammy Nominee, Gourmet Cook, Licensed NLP and Healing Arts Practitioner.






"...considerable stage presence!" - Anita Gates



"...most notably PENWAH, who is both charming and commanding as the Lady in Yellow."  - Brooke Pierce



" auditory feast. Not only do the women have amazing voices [sounding like true gospel singers], they are also strong passionate actors. They make the poems come alive." - Jenny Sandman




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